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"It Feels so Good in Here?"

You, like many pick up on the energy around you whether you're aware of it or not.


Your home is your sanctuary. Home is where you go to spend time with your family, friends and to be by yourself. It's where you rest, recharge and connect. You spend a lot of time in your home and how it feels in your home matters, because you matter. Marie Kondo has become a household name for teaching us not just how to tidy up, but how to let go of anything that is no longer bringing us joy. Do you need to let go of anything in your life or your home that is not bringing you joy? 

Your space is a reflection of you and what is going on in your life.

Have you ever considered that the way your home feels can help further create a life that is joyful, meaningful and abundant? Or that the way it feels could also be adding to your feelings of stress, your lack of energy, or feeling stuck? You may not have ever given this much thought, if any, and that's okay. Lets go back to the question "Have you ever walked into a room or someones home and thought 'it feels so good in here' and wished yours did too? You too can create a home you love.

Everything in your space you should love and hold meaning for you. It should feel like 'you.'


Would you like your home to feel warm and welcoming, to feel like you and your family?  Remember that as you change, you might also need to change or move some things around in your space to welcome, represent and reflect that change. When a life change take place, it feels good to change some things in your space to honor it. It shifts and moves the energy. It's very hard to welcome the new, while living in the old. Start with little things, it doesn't have to be big, but each change can be felt energetically. It can be the act of organizing a messy part in your home, or changing out a picture you don't love anymore. You can welcome change at any time by bringing in something that you love, it brings fresh energy into your space. Give yourself room to grow. No one ever said you have to keep that same color or those throw pillows you never really liked. Keep the things that are near and dear to you and that light you up. Love your self and love your home. Love every part of yourself and let that be reflected by loving everything in your home. Then you can walk in and say 'Doesn't it feel good in here' knowing that not only does your home feel good, but that you feel good.

I wish to share the very things that have guided me my whole life; Nature, Connection and Wellness. They are all one and the same to me. They are what have helped me each step of the way, and I'd like to share some tools with you to enhance your space.

I live in the mountains and feel such peace here. I enjoy exploring the beautiful area I live in, and also travel a lot each year to photograph nature and go on adventures with my husband. My life and it's many adventures have inspired my Photography collection, which offers beautiful yet meaningful pieces for your home. I believe that the energy in our homes is of utmost importance because it enhances your health and emotional well being. How you feel in your home matters.


Bringing the outside in helps us to get back to nature, and back to ourselves.

We all feel better when we spend time in nature. Adding natural elements to your home such as Nature Photographs are a great way to energetically bring the outside in.



Get in touch with the adventurer in you. Bring the outside in with breathtaking images from nature. To uplift, encourage and inspire. With messages and scenes to move you they are the perfect reminder, whether it's a gentle nudge for you to get outside more, or encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone.  

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Get in touch with the adventurer in you. Bring the outside in with breathtaking images from nature. With beautiful scenes to captivate you, bringing

you back to nature and back to yourself.

Shop our Photo Collection

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