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Crystals: Then & Now

People commonly associate crystals as being something ‘New Age’ or ‘Alternative,’ however Crystals have been recognized and used throughout all of time. Most cultures were aware of the healing power in the stones and they would use them for specific healing purposes. Some common examples of revered Crystals are: the Chinese commonly have an affinity for Jade, the Egyptians regularly used Lapis, and Turquoise is sacred to the Native Americans. In every culture and religion the use of Crystals are mentioned, whether they were used by royalty, carried for protection in battle, buried with loved ones, used for fertility or for healing. These are just a few of the uses that are mentioned throughout the times. Crystals are mentioned in many religious texts, including over 200 times in the Bible.

The original creation of jewelry was due to the belief that Crystals have certain energies and they were carried and kept close to the person wishing to acquire its specific influence. Initially people began simply tying the stones on their bodies, or carrying them, which later of course became more sophisticated and jewelry was made throughout various cultures in many different styles. Most of us have heard what our ‘Birthstone’ is and there are also Crystals that are connected to each of the planets and Zodiac signs. You may not realize but the reason why the Diamond is used in engagement rings is because the diamond represents pure and unbreakable love. So you see there are many common uses and mentions of Crystals that are part of our day to day lives.


Crystals are natural minerals that are found all over the world and the use of these Crystals for healing purposes is becoming more common once again as people are looking for ways in which they can take part in their own well being. I created Rae Kai because I too have experienced the healing of Crystals and wanted to share the benefits of wearing Crystals with others. We are so lucky that in this day and age we have access to these beautiful minerals from all over the world.

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