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New Beginnings

Our energy is reflected by the energy around us. Just as nature goes through changes with each season we too are influenced by the changes in our surroundings.

Spring represents new life and new beginnings. It’s all around us. The flowers begin to grow. Many animals give birth to new life. There is a sense of lightness and newness all around us. The days are getting longer. The weather is shifting. We feel more energy in our physical body and want to spend more time outdoors.

Spring breathes new life into us as well. The ideas that took form throughout the winter season are now bubbling within us because Spring is the time we begin. We set things into motion. We feel inspired. We can sense the excitement, the feeling that something is about to burst into the light... because it is. That’s what this season is all about... rebirth. We expand, we grow and we create.

You can follow nature’s example by starting something new. Relight your soul’s fire this season. Do what you love. Nurture that longing to so you can feel more expansive.

So ask yourself? What does your New Beginning look like or feel like? We’d love to hear! By giving a voice to your answer it honors and strengthens your wish for newness and a fresh start. So begin and let the energy of the Spring season support you.

Happy New Beginnings everyone!!! P.S. Did you know you can shop by purpose in our store? Shop for New Beginnings here!

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