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New Year, New You!

In today's day and age your ‘to do’ list can feel never ending. There are always so many things and people that need your attention yet only so many hours in a day. Usually the first thing to be sacrificed is you. Wouldn’t it be nice to make it a priority to honor and take care of yourself?


At this time of year do you find yourself reflecting on the year that's passed and looking ahead to what you wish to create in the year to come?

Bye are the days of resolutions which often end with feeling defeated only weeks into the New Year. We’ve all been there and that’s not how any of us want to kick off a New Year. A healthier and more successful approach involves; Intentions, Setting a Tone, and a Purpose for your year ahead.

Focusing on your intentions will add more joy to your life. Your day to day life will feel inspired, you will feel more alive, more like your true self. Taking the time to nurture yourself also strengthens your relationships with others and with yourself. You will feel your true self being honored everyday.

I have a New Years tradition that I want to share with all of you.


Every New Year I choose 3 intentions I want to focus on that year and I choose one Crystal to represent each intention and I create a special 'New Years Intention' piece with these 3 Crystals. Throughout the year I wear it and when it's not being worn I keep it in a special spot in my home. This piece becomes my Touchstone, a wearable reminder of what it is I'm to stay focused on throughout the year. When I get off track it brings me back to my center. My decisions are made in alignment with these 3 intentions. The Crystals I choose vary from year to year and always offer the energetic support of my 3 new intentions. The Crystals usher in the energy I need, nurture my purpose and align me with my vision.

Choosing ‘3’ Crystals for this was no accident either, it also has an intention. The number 3 is an auspiciously significant number and is a great choice for something so purposeful because it represents Creation, Manifestation and Harmony.

What would you like to create this year?

What would your 3 intentions be?


My personal favorite style that is my go to for my personal New Years piece is a customized version of the Chakra Connection Necklace style.

We offer customized Healing Jewelry, Crystal Grids and Medicine Bags all throughout the year. If you'd like your own customized piece made, please contact us at for more information.

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