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May 2015 Affirmation: Blaze a New Path

How is your story going so far? The story of you, your life, your relationships, your career, hobbies and passions?

Do you feel it could use some improvements or a complete overhaul? Maybe it is time to write something different.

We can all restart at any time in our lives. It takes courage to blaze a new path but it is better than living in fear or living an un-passionate life.

You have all of the skills, knowledge, wisdom and power within you to re-write your story.

Affirm now, "I am ready to start again. I am grateful for this fresh start."

Ready to start writing a different story of your life? We recommend you work with Smokey Quartz which is used for new beginnings, leaving behind things that no longer serve you and overcoming the fear of failure. You can also shop by New Beginnings!

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