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April 2015 Affirmation: Opening

Life is all about opening up.


Opening up comes in a variety of forms. We can open up our hearts to receive love from others and love from ourselves.


We can open up to our own intuition...

_DSC0023.jpg receiving guidance.


Opening up allows you to fully experience your life. Try opening up to your own self-expression, your own power!


Why not open up to the abundance that life has to offer?


Affirm to yourself, "My purpose, my heart and my gifts are ready to be opening. I feel safe to open myself up."


Do you want to open up your heart, intuition, self-expression and to the abundance of life? Here are the Rae Kai products we suggest you work with!

Opening Your Heart: Heart Chakra

Opening Your Intuition: Third Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra

Opening Your Self-Expression: Throat Chakra

Opening To Abudance: Root Chakra

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