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April 2015 Affirmation: Opening

Life is all about opening up.

Opening up comes in a variety of forms. We can open up our hearts to receive love from others and love from ourselves.

We can open up to our own intuition... receiving guidance.

Opening up allows you to fully experience your life. Try opening up to your own self-expression, your own power!

Why not open up to the abundance that life has to offer?

Affirm to yourself, "My purpose, my heart and my gifts are ready to be opening. I feel safe to open myself up."

Do you want to open up your heart, intuition, self-expression and to the abundance of life? Here are the Rae Kai products we suggest you work with!

Opening Your Heart: Heart Chakra

Opening Your Intuition: Third Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra

Opening Your Self-Expression: Throat Chakra

Opening To Abudance: Root Chakra

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